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Papel branco


jazz, latinjazz, skajazz

The Beba Trio has the typical formation of jazz and bossa nova trios, being formed by Beba Zanettini (piano), Viktor Kutlak (double bass) and Gudino Miranda (drums). In the repertoire, a vibrant, uncomplicated sound, full of samba, grooves, swing and sound joy, in authorial compositions and songs that are references in the universe of instrumental sound, performing with originality Brazilian instrumental music, passing through rhythmic influences ranging from from Latin America and the Caribbean to jazz and pop, with melodies and grooves that provoke immediate empathy from the audience. In his portfolio, he records outstanding performances, such as the Brooklinfest, Maifest and SP Choro in Jazz Festivals, in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2021, he was selected for the musical program ONFITA, within the FITA - Festival Internacional de Teatro do Alentejo, which takes place in Beja, Portugal. With some successful singles released, he releases his first album in April/2022.

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