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Papel branco
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Composer, guitarist, music researcher

Consuelo is a singer, songwriter, poet, artistic director and music producer of her own works and that of other artists. Elegance and popular inspiration, care and erudition in the way she presents her art, originality and balance between strength and delicacy, are constant elements in Consuelo de Paula's work, which has ensured her admiration and recognition from the public and specialized critics. As a singer, she has performed at the biggest theater in Latin America - Gran Rex, Buenos Aires - and her work was featured on the cover of Guia Brasilian Music (published in Japan by Massato Asso) which elected the 100 best albums of Brazilian music. As a composer, she has already been recorded by names such as Maria Bethânia ("Sete Trovas", on the CD Encanteria and DVD Amor, Festa e Devoção) and Alaíde Costa ("Bem-me-quer", on the CD Porcelana with Gonzaga Leal) and several artists of the new generation have recorded their songs.

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