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Papel branco
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Jazz, latinjazz, contemporary instrumental

Yangos is an instrumental music quartet formed in 2005, composed by musicians César Casara, Cristiano Klein, Rafael Scopel and Tomás Savaris. Known for spreading the regional music of Rio Grande do Sul in a contemporary way, , has a strong influence of Latin American music, the main ones being Astor Piazzolla with the nuevo tango, Richard Galliano changing traditional French music to the new musette, Lúcio Yanel who introduced the chamamé in Rio Grande do Sul, Raul Barboza and Nini Flores who took the chamamé all over the world. THE  The quartet's work with singer Dante Ramon Ledesma was nominated for the Açorianos Music Award in the Best Regional Album, Best Regional Interpreter and Best DVD categories, winning the Best Regional Interpreter category. The quartet performed on the official schedule at the FIFA World Cup/Russia (2018) and the album Chamamé (2017) was nominated in the Best Grassroots Album category at the 2017 LATIN GRAMMY in Las Vegas/United States. Also in 2018, YANGOS was selected among the two Brazilian artists who performed at FIMPRO-2018 in Guadalajara/Mexico, one of the largest music fairs in the Americas. YANGOS makes music for people, thus enhancing new sensations through scenic aesthetics and sound diversity.

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